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to the official website of the worldwide Episcopal Free Communion, previously known as The Anglican Free Communion.

Here you will find news and information about the life and ministry of our Anglican / Episcopal family of Churches. These "Member" Churches or "Provinces" are autonomous and share doctrine, ways of worshipping and mission in common.

Find a focus of unity in the Archbishop Primus, Churches relating to each other directly, and also through regular meetings in the General Synod.

We pray that your connection with our website and any interest in our witness to the Risen Lord Jesus Christ will be a positive and uplifting element in your spiritual journey.






In Christ that unites us









The Most Rev'd Dr. Richard Arthur Palmer

PhD, MA, BA, BEd



"The Episcopal Free Church"


Pastoral Letter : Easter 2021






The Episcopal Free Communion is :


- a confederation of independent and autocephalous Denominations or Churches exercising identity in particularity because of the autonomy of every individual Church.  They exist in harmony with one another and follow a spirituality and practice within an Anglican ethos.  They only accept any form of centrality as part of a world-wide family of Churches


The Episcopal Free Communion is not :


- a superficial expression of a freedom, which may or may not be found within the Anglican Communion, and therefore does not wish to create either a legal or jurisdictional framework, as may be detectable in mainstream Anglicanism


This ecclesial model is both catholic and protestant as understood in traditional terms


An excluding breakaway group exists using a very similar website address.

Originating from a belief that inclusivity includes those who exclude, it professes inclusivity yet refuses to bless same-sex unions.

Much information from this website appears on theirs, including clergy lists.


Position on Inclusivity


In the Constitution and Bylaws of The Episcopal Free Communion, mention is made of the issue on inclusivity.  This is a matter to ensure the policy of the Communion.

However, given the complex nature of social and political differences across the world, respect must be given to the decisions of various governments of the countries where the Communion is established, and that might seem to be at variance with the open stance of the Communion.  The Episcopal Free Communion does not wish to appear in any way unsympathetic towards a situation which might compromise any of its clergy.