The Most Rev’d Dr Horst Karl Frederick Block

23 October 1936 - 12 February 2008

Archbishop of the Free Protestant Episcopal Church

FPEC in Germany and France



Archbishop Horst-Karl Friedrich Block was born in Ruppertsgrün, Bavaria - Germany on 23 October 1936. From 1655 to 1917 his family was living in Russia. The ancestors from his father’s side came from Mecklembourg-Schwerin. After the Reformation they became Lutheran.


In 1796, Paul Ier granted Johann von Block ( Iwan Block ) letters of patent of russian nobility.


Lutherans believe that, in baptism, a person is born into the Kingdom of God and becomes an heir of salvation. It is the beginning of life of faith in which each day our human nature should be drowned through daily repentance; and that day after day a new self should arise to live with God in righteousness and purity forever." (The Small Catechism, by Martin Luther).


The world’s 400 million Protestant Christians can trace their tradition, at least in part, back to Luther’s reforming work.


Horst-Karl Friedrich Block holds a Doctor of Philosophy (1967).

Doctoral Thesis: "Creative Philosophy" The Independent Persistence of Thought.


Elected Fellow of St. Andrews Ecumenical Research Fellowship Intercollegiate, London,GB (1967).


A Fellow with all Rights and Privileges granted by us. Given at St. Andrews Collegiate Church, London N.15. on 16/6/1967.


Doctor in Aesthetics and Arts (1968).

Research Thesis: Drawing the Basis of Fine Arts.


Doctor of Laws, London N.15, GB and University of Liberia (1972).


Doctor of Divinity honoris causa, London N.15. and University of Liberia (1972).


Non-medical Practitioner/Psychotherapist (VDPP) Düsseldorf, Germany (1992).


Dr Horst Block, PhD, AE.D admitted in to the Holy Order of Deacon in March 1968.

He was ordained a Priest in December 1968 in the City of Christ ,now Monrovia / Liberia. Consecrated Titular Bishop of Edessa and Melitene (Malatia) in 1971 in London, GB by Bishop Primus Charles Dennis Boltwood. Consecrated Bishop for the Diocese of West Africa and parts adjacent in Europe, particularly Germany on Palm Sunday 26th March 1972 by the Bishop Primus Charles Dennis Boltwood, D.D.,LL.D, London, N.15., GB.


Consecrator: Archbishop Emmanuel Samuel Yekorogha, D.D.,LL.D, Liberia.


Witnesses and Co-consecrators:


Bishop Roland J. Payne, D.D. Lutheran Church, Liberia.

Bishop David M. Fyneah,D.D. African Methodist Church, Liberia.

Bishop Francis Thomas, Free Protestant Episcopal Church, London, GB.

Bishop Wilbur Kunkel, Pillar of Fire, Oakland, USA, Missonary Bishop to Liberi.a

Dr. Rochefort L. Weeks , Rector of the University of Liberia, West-África.

Rev. Dr. Hoff , Theological Seminary - FPEC University of Liberia, West-África.


After my consecration as Diocesan Bishop, Free Protestant Episcopal Church-Liberia, I began to work exclusively for the interest of the church in Liberia. October 1972, I had to leave Liberia as "Persona non grata". Therefore my accreditation at the University of Liberia was only from 1965 - 1972 by the Ministry of Education, Liberia.

Tolbert could not escape from the rivalry among Liberias leading families. The Tolbert-family being one of the largest in the country, he soon appointed relatives in important public positions.

I could not agree to it. In the mid-1970s several Cabinet members belonged to the Tolbert-clan among whom the Minister of Finance, his brother Steven Tolbert. Another brother was President Pro-Tempore of the Senate, the Major of Monrovia was a cousin etc.

William R. Tolbert, Jr., an ordained Baptist pastor and former President of the Baptist World Alliance, was President Tubmans modest (invisible) Vice-President for nearly 20 years. He succeeded President Tubman (1944 -1971) on July 23, 1971 after he had died in a London clinic. This was the end to a good time with presidente W.V.S.Tubman.


Its certainly not a bad idea to strive for the perfect world, as long as you keep in mind that, while your objective most likely won’t be obtained, you will be able to make some things better. Amen.