The Most Rev'd Dr Bruce Douglas Campbell
08 Mar 1953   - 04 Jan 2015



Archbishop of the Province of Northeast USA

(03 Dec 2012 - 04 Jan 2015)







Archbishop Bruce Douglas Campbell was born on 8 March 1953 in Manhattan, New York. He died on 4 January 2015 in New Rochelle, New York. He was originally consecrated in August 2001 by Bishop William E. Connor as a bishop for the Holy Cross Anglican Communion. There was some confusion whether or not the holy orders of the HCAC were valid, so Dr. Campbell received sub conditional consecration on 19 April 2003 from Bishops Paul Victor Verhaeren and Wayne Moore Hay.                                                  

Actually, the Holy Orders of the former HCAC may be valid. Bishop Billy Winford Corn (born 1948) of Texas, who consecrated Bishop William Earl Conner (born 1943) on 6 March 2001 was consecrated by Bishop William H. Green (1923 to 1992) of Oklahoma sometime in the 1970s. Dr. Green was consecrated a bishop by Bishop Dr. Burnice Hoyle Webster (1910 to 1990) of the Southern Episcopal Church.                                                        

On December 3, 2012 became the Archbishop of the Province of the Northeast - USA.