The Most Rev. Dr. Edwin Duane Follick, D.C., D.Th., Ph.D.







Edwin D Follick

Edwin D Follick was born in Glendale, California.

He grew up in Los Angeles with a next door neighbour who was a chiropractor and department chair of physical education at a local high school.


After graduating from Pasadena City College, he earned his BA and MA degrees at California State University Los Angeles in social science and education respectively.

The MA in social science and MPA degrees were earned at Pepperdine University.


Continued research in the social sciences enabled Dr Follick to complete advanced study at St Andrew’s Theological Intercollegiate London for which he was granted the PhD and DTheol degrees with dissertation submissions. The PhD dissertation was entitled The Cultural Influence of Mormonism in Early Nineteenth Century America, and the DTh thesis was Jonathan Edwards: A Study in Colonial American Theology and Philosophy. He subsequently served as a professor of theology before being elected a fellow. 


After returning from military service as a chaplain’s assistant with the US Army air defence command in Chicago, he enrolled at the University of Southern California which ultimately led to the MS LS, MEd, and AdvMEd degrees for service as a library administrator. California state teaching credentials including the general secondary, librarianship, standard junior college, supervision, administration, and counselling have afforded Dr Follick an opportunity to complete a 38 year career with Los Angeles from junior high through junior college levels. 


Later, study at California College of Law and Blackstone Law School resulted in the LLB degree, and with continued study the JD degree was granted for a thesis entitled The Element of Discretion Inherent in Administrative Adjudication. 

Service as a law librarian followed at Glendale University College of Law. Finally Dr Follick served as library director at Cleveland College Los Angeles in what is now Cleveland University Kansas City, and earned his DC degree; continuing at Cleveland he was appointed professor of jurisprudence, director of education, dean of student affairs, dean of education, and finally the rector as chaplain of the university.


Upon being granted a third sabbatical from Los Angeles a study of business applications to professional schools was initiated at Antioch University Los Angeles which led to the MA thesis in organizational management titled Chiropractic Education: A Management Analysis of Professional Study for the 1990’s.


Coming to South Baylo University 14 years ago it has been a pleasure to serve as a director of university libraries and at California University of Management and Science as well. Dr Follick has also taught classes in sociology, social welfare, world history, business law, organizational development, healthcare law, and business English.


On February 15th 2018 it was an especial honour to be elected as the fourth president of South Baylo University.


Curriculum Vitae

BA Soc Sci 1956, MA Ed 1961 California State University Los Angeles;

MA Soc Sci 1957, MPA 1977 Pepperdine University;

PhD, DTheol 1958 St Andrews Theological Intercollegiate, London;

MS LS 1963, MEd [Inst Mat] 1964, AdvMEd [Educ Adm] 1969 University of Southern California;

LLB 1966, JurD 1967 Blackstone Law School and California College of Law;

DC 1972 Cleveland University Los Angeles; 

PhD [Eccles Law] 1978 Academia Theatina, Pescara; 

MA [Org Mgt] 1990 Antioch University Los Angeles;

State of California Educational Life Credentials: 

   General Seconday, Librarianship, Junior College, Supervision, Administration. 

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