The Most Rev. Dr. Edwin Duane Follick, D.C., D.Th., Ph.D.







Edwin D Follick

In March, 2004, Edwin D Follick was appointed the Director of Libraries at South Baylo University. Upon receiving teaching and librarianship credentials and graduation from library school [MS LS University of Southern California 1963] he has served in secondary schools, junior colleges, and in several higher education venues. Both service in law libraries, healing arts libraries, and theological settings have given him a basic perception of instructional materials now with a total of 50 years of experience in a number of learning opportunities. Additionally, published articles have included subjects in higher education, professional education, law, and religious social history. His work has been most rewarding in helping to define the alternative healing arts to individuals and the public when serving as a pastor and chaplain from time in the military and on the riverships of Europe through to the present day service in alternative healing arts institutions. His endeavors in the status of evolving librarianship for the acupuncture profession does allow for a creative experience and a refined application as an information specialist. His extensive efforts in the public educational milieu along with a number of appointments in the alternative healing arts private school sector have been most useful in the development of learning materials valuable for health practitioners. As a health practitioner himself conducting a practice for over thirty years, along with serving on national board test committees for more than several years, give an element of experience that has afforded several lessons to be learned about the evolving and transitional healing arts background so necessary for practitioners. These understandings have given invaluable insight in library service at South Baylo University. Additionally, his teaching of medical jurisprudence in a doctoral level healing arts institution plus teaching of health care law, business communications, organization development, sociology, history, business law and ethics, and additional social sciences in a university setting have allowed a vision beyond the librarianship environment.


Curriculum Vitae

BA Soc Sci 1956, MA Ed 1961 California State University Los Angeles;

MA Soc Sci 1957, MPA 1977 Pepperdine University;

PhD, DTheol 1958 St Andrews Theological Intercollegiate, London;

MS LS 1963, MEd [Inst Mat] 1964, AdvMEd [Educ Adm] 1969 University of Southern California;

LLB 1966, JurD 1967 Blackstone Law School and California College of Law;

DC 1972 Cleveland University Los Angeles;

PhD [Eccles Law] 1978 Academia Theatina, Pescara;

MA [Org Mgt] 1990 Antioch University Los Angeles;

State of California Educational Life Credentials:

General Seconday, Librarianship, Junior College, Supervision, Administration.

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