The following list contains Churches or Denominations having their own jurisdiction and diocesan structures, some with their own presiding bishops, but are considered as Provinces, the latter title being reserved to that of the Anglican Free Communion itself.  Some may have their own canonical organisation.  These Churches are named within the Provinces


Where there is no Denominational title it is assumed that the Provinces are not only those of the Anglican Free Communion (a confederation or family of Churches) but are of the Episcopal Free Church.  Some of these may also prefer to use the original title; being that of the Free Protestant Episcopal Church or the Free Protestant Episcopal Church of England




Archbishop Primus

The Most Rev’d Richard Arthur Palmer

Archbishop Primus Emeritus

The Most Rev’d Edwin Duane Follick









Province of Burundi

The Most Rev’d Justin Baransananikiye



Province of Cameroon

The Most Rev’d Onana Come Mathurin



Province of Congo-Brazzaville

The Most Rev’d Euloge Valery Massamba



Province of Gabon

The Most Rev’d Bernardo Moutou 



Province of Kenya

The Most Rev’d Thomas Ombui




The Rt. Rev’d Kavuu Martin



Territories for Mission:





The Rev’d Delphin Thessaloniane




Mr. Godwin Elo Otue




The Rev’d Gatera John Dan




The Rt. Rev’d Kalanzi Jude




The Rev’d Charles Kukunda




The Rev’d Deacon Hainza










Province of India

The Most Rev’d Rohan Nehamaiyah




The Rev’d Fr. Joy Ettuveettil



Province of Myanmar (Burma)




Province of Pakistan

The Most Rev’d Emanuel Khokhar   










Province of Australia

Mr. Miroslav Brestovac



Province of New Zealand











Province of Europe East

The Most Rev’d Petar Petrović




The Rev’d Fr. Jasmin Koso




The Rev’d Fr. Valentinas Kulinic

Administrator – Lithuania


   Mission in the Russian Federation

Mr. Antoni Uspinski

Co-ordinator - St. Petersburg


Province of Europe West

The Most Rev’d Muhammad Schmidt



   Diocese of Italy

The Rev’d Fr. Guido Travaglioni



Province of the Iberian Peninsula

The Most Rev’d Richard Arthur Palmer           

Commissioner Archbishop



The Rt. Rev’d Francisco Javier Sanz Estrada



Province of the United Kingdom,

     Ireland, Islands & British


The Most Rev’d Richard Arthur Palmer



   Diocese of England

The Rev’d Fr. Mark Bowen

The Progressive Episcopal Church, London



The Rev’d Fr. Steve Castle




The Rev’d Fr. Timothy Baker

Parish of St Raphael, Ashbourne


   Diocese of Scandinavia

The Rev’d Fr. Maxim Bratuhin

Administrator – Sweden









Province of California

  Diocese of the Desert

The Most Rev’d Ronald Lee Firestone

The Rev’d Mtr. Betty Creamer

The Episcopal Free Church of California

Vicar General


Province of Canada

The Most Rev’d Matheus Tuz

The Rt. Rev’d Darrel Hockley



Province of The Caribbean


  Diocese of Jacksonville, Florida

The Rt. Rev’d Samuel Sostre

The Rev'd Fr. Leon Peters

The Rt. Rev'd John Oliver

Bishop Emeritus



Province of Northeast – USA

The Most Rev’d Gregory Ray



Province of South – USA


The Progressive Episcopal Church


  Diocese of Cumberland

The Most Rev’d Michael Sherbert



  Diocese of Delta

The Rt. Rev’d Daniel Varga



  Diocese of The Northeast

The Rt. Rev’d Francesca Fortunato



  Diocese of The West

The Rt. Rev’d Thurlow Weed



Province of South Central – USA

The Most Rev’d Haiver Esneider Perilla Caballero




The Rt. Rev’d William Flint




The Most Rev’d Rafael Seijo

The Most Rev’d Edward Vaughan

The Episcopal Catholic Church

The Episcopal Catholic Church - Coadjutor


Province of Southwest – USA

The Most Rev’d Kenneth Young



   Diocese of Panama

The Rt. Rev’d Robert Eugene Smith



Province of West Coast – USA

The Most Rev’d Whitcom Brooks Harding

The Rt. Rev’d Edwin Duane Follick

The Rt. Rev’d Melvin Larson










Province of Argentina

The Rt. Rev’d Gerardo Bustamante

Diocese of St Martha of Bethany


Province of Bolivia

The Most Rev’d Guido Velarde



Province of Brazil

The Most Rev’d Lucas Macieira da Silva




The Rt. Rev’d João de Deus da Silva                




The Rt. Rev’d Antônio Menrod                         



Province of Chile

The Most Rev’d Ronald Lee Firestone



Province of Colombia

The Most Rev’d Olando Salamanca Albarracin



Province of El Salvador

The Most Rev’d Francisco Gilberto Ruiz Osório



Province of Mexico

The Most Rev’d Juan Willehado García Espinosa



Province of Paraguay

The Rt. Rev’d Andrés Oscar Ayala



Province of Peru

The Most Rev’d Luis Fernando Hidalgo Alamo



Province of Uruguay




Province of Venezuela

The Most Rev’d Tito José Salas Becerra